The Gateway MS2370 is a laptop with a screen size of 15.6 inches, released in 2013. This model is discontinued by the manufacturer so limited information of the device is available.

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Gateway MS2300 won't power on

Hi guys.

so i have a Gateway MS2300 and it won't power on at all.

AC Adapter is OK

Capacitor Discharge by disconnect power sources and press and hold power key for long tested and nothing changed

i opened it and im going to check the voltage by multimeter.

we have voltage after charge socket.

we have 19v voltage on capacitors.

also have voltage on battery charge connector (1,2 GND) (3 4 5 are 3.2V) (6 GND) (7 8 are 19.2V)

power key (the micro switch) is ok (tested with buzzer test on multimeter)

what else i should check for this kind of problem?

thanks regard


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@bakteriy any identifier (numbers etc.) on the motherboard? If so let us know what they are so we can determine what motherboard this is. That may help to find a schematic to help you out.


@oldturkey03 i will check this and update my post with serial number model number or anything else i can find.

thanks for your answer



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First of all thanks for give me a time and answer my question.

1. tested and not working

2. AC adapter is ok. it turned on my other laptop. and also the other AC adapter could not turn on this gateway.

3. this is not display issue. it has charge indicator LED and when connected to AC and put the battery in place it should be turn on but its not.

4. when i tried to check the voltages with multi meter RAM and the other parts takes apart for about 10 minutes and put them back to their slot not working either.

any advice about Motherboard problem for me?

thanks in advance.


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