Why won't my GPS run?

I just bought this gps from a place on ebay. I started out for Florida got down the road a ways and stopped and put address in it , It ran for about 30 seconds and quit and won't come back on.

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These units are not meant to run on battery.

They need to be constantly plugged into a cigarette lighter via provided adapter.

You can test if this is at fault by simply connecting a USB-A to mini (not Micro) USB-B port from one end (the A end) to your in-wall cell phone charger, and the other end to the mini port on your GPS. If it powers up, then its the cigarette adapter. If not, it is likely your battery.

For Reference:

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It was plugged in to the lighter outlet. Like I said it powered on and quit after about 30 seconds and would not come back on, I don't know what else to tell you but it was definitely plugged in to power.


I know they need to be plugged into the lighter, I am NOT that stupid.


I bought a new one and it works plugged into the same lighter


I never said you were stupid, and you never mentioned it being plugged into the power, so I wanted to make sure all bases were covered. I also said try another power supply (the wall charger).

Now what did you buy a new one of? A GPS or a power supply?


They need to be fully charged before use, was it bought second hand or new?


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