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Why is my new SSD disk not bootable

I downloaded and installed High Sierra on a USB. Replaced my internal disk with the SSD. Booted from USB, formatted the internal disk and installed High Sierra on the disk. When restarting I only get a question mark from my MAC. Open Disk Utility, looked at info on the disk and it says "Bootable = No". Any idea how I can solve this?

Disk: Samsung SSD 750 EVO - 500GB

File system: Mac OS Extended (Journaled) (tried with APSF, this didn't work either)

Scheme: GUID Partition Map

First Aid on the disk did not do any thing.

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If you hold the OPTION key at startup, does the disk show up as a bootable volume?




Try holding option on boot. If it does not show up as bootable try formatting the disk and reinstalling. Where did you get the installer? It may have some corrupted files.


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