97 Dodge van stalls at stops

I couldn't find a van in the selection menu: this issue is about a 97 Dodge B2500 van.

I have 1 code - p0118. I've replaced the sensor and am currently looking for a connector, having trouble finding the right one.

About twice a week, my van will die at a stop sign. It always cranks back up if I wait 15-20 minutes, but I have to hold the engine WOT to crank it back up, then slowly allow the rpms to fall. I can crank it up at any time while holding down the gas pedal to the floor, but it won't stay running unless I wait 15-20 minutes. Then, it'll run pretty good afterwards.

Other issues:

If I'm in Park and punch the gas, the van will die when the rpms drop.

When I put it in gear, a lot of times it sputters and acts like it's going to die, but then recovers. Sometimes it actually dies but I'm able to crank it right back up.

What I've done:

Replaced corroded temp sensor, currently looking for new connector

Completely cleaned throttle body

Replaced IAC valve

Fixed a few small vacuum leaks

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