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One half of monitor screen is tinted darker(as if for night)

Right down the middle of my (LG) monitor), one side is tinted darker than the other. During the day the tinted side looks more purple, at night it is a tan-ish tint. It is still possible to see graphics and read text on both sides. My desk top computer is a Lenovo. How do I fix this?

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Hi @kkellys ,

Have you tried another monitor just to prove that the problem is in the monitor and not in the computer?

Can you try a different video cable, just to eliminate it as being the problem as well?




Hello jayeff - We tried the monitor on another computer and determined the problem was in the monitor. I had inadvertently made that nasty setting and discovered the fix while investigating other potential monitor settings. I didn't know the monitor had its own settings. Thank you for offering your suggestions!


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