Mid 2009 モデル番号A1278 / 2.26、2.53 GHz Core 2 DuoプロセッサーEMC 2326

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Trackpad Set Screw immovable

Hi There!

The Set Screw under my trackpad is immovable. I have not dremelled it, or drilled into it, because of its position on the case; I fear damage to the case. I am replacing my trackpad since there is a slight tear in the ribbon that attaches it to the motherboard, hence it is acting as if there is no trackpad there, or no sensor there, and the fan is going full steam.

Back to the set screw:

I have used WD-40, and I fear stripping the screw if I use my torx screwdriver anymore than I already have. I am not sure what happened to the screw. The battery did expand above it, and I just received a replacement battery from iFixit. No liquids were spilled into the computer etc.

The trackpad not clicking AT ALL, after I replaced my battery, is what led me to discover the status of the set screw. If drilling or dremelling is the answer, could that kind of answer be super specific, since I have not understood others that I have read.

I also wonder whether I just have to get a new case, because of the screw.

Best Regards!

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Dear Lewis,

Thank you for answering. I agree, the set screw did not “have” to be replaced. Replacing the ribbon appeared to require dismantling of the trackpad. And while away 2.5 months on work. the battery swelled to full capacity.

After looking at pictures of the trackpad in the upper case tutorial, the clicking button appeared to be missing a small silver cap. I wondered whether I lost this "cap" when I carefully lifted the clear tape to clean the sensor. After cleaning, only a thin silver disc remained over the gold sensor. Perhaps the "cap" fell away without me realizing it? Wondering aside, it was clear that although the remaining metal piece did click, it did not do so with the right amount of reverse resistance after I pressed down on it. The new one, does have a "cap" over the click-button, not a thin disc.

Best Regards, Leslie



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you are able to replace the cable without replacing the full trackpad however it appears you have a problem with the trackpad too, was the old battery swelling in any way before you replaced it? also the setting screw doesn't need to be removed in order for you to replace the trackpad.


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