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モデル番号A1419 / Late 2013 / 3.2 & 3.4 GHz Core i5もしくは3.5 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac14,2

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Hardware Diagnosis guide for mac

I want to fix my Mac by myself

My screen is black so I can’t do the hardware giagnosis

Is there any guide to hardware diagnosis?

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See what the diagnostic LEDs are telling you, here's a guide on doing that:

How to find and read the Diagnostic LEDs


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If your computer starts/bongs but there is no image at all it is likely to be the GPU (Graphic Processing Unit). This is a common fault on this model. If this is the case only an expert would be able to put it right. i.e. half the cost of a new one to put right.

I take it you have reset the NVRAM/PRAM?


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yes I have done all that’s reset

Didn’t work

Used to work after pluged out from electricity for some time

But now even this is not working

Thanks for your reply

I heard that if you heat the processor it could help

Do you know anything about it?


It only work temporarily once the GPU has cooled. Once warmed up it fails. Normally it is down to movement/cracking on the board. Unless you know what you are doing you are likely to ruin the main board. If you do yourself you are likely to be in the same position again in a few months.

Try getting a lead to to connect to another mac/laptop/tv then it will confirm the GPU at fault if you can get a picture.

People do repairs on in most countries you need some specialist equipment experience.

The bottom of this thread gives some clues:

Screen only only shows stripes!


Again, thank you for your time and effort

I did try to connect an external display but no picture , nothing

Is it possible that it is not the graphic card?

Obviously something is worming too much but how can you be sure about what exactly?

It happens only at restart .once it’s on(when it’s on...) it can run for days, no problem. so is it possible to have a graphic card failure only at restart?


Just double checking you know how to connect to another screen.

It could the LCD malfunctioning or the flex cable between the main board & the screen. But I doubt. They tend to work or not work at all.

Can you get it to boot in single user mode? (Command-S)

To do a full disc repair.


My Mac did start successfully yesterday so I immediately did the hardware analysis and I got the answer that everything is ok

So is it reliable?

about the external display check, you send me a link to another Apple display, I don’t have that I did try to connect a non Apple display, is that matter?


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