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No power from DC.

I was using this laptop and the power died. I realised that it had been running on the battery although the DC mains cable was plugged in. The battery had run out of juice.

There was no DC power LED on indication

I have tested all the obvious things, and have now replaced the DC cable and socket with a new one.

However when I plug it in I still get no DC power LED on indication. Currently the keyboard is removed and I haven't bothered to put it all back together as there doesn't seem any point.

Does anyone know what to try from here ?

Many thanks in advance.

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@oldturkey03 the DC power adapter chucks out 12v. This is still working.


usually dc output is 19v is it not


yes, 19v. I think I'm using the wrong adapter. so much for "I've tested all the obvious stuff". Thanks for the wake up call, dang.





@sponge_bob you wrote that you "tested all the obvious things," but did not tell us what the output of your AC adapter is. Should be a 19V 65W adapter


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Sponge Bob さん、ありがとうございました!

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