Can I put a bigger transformer in my Bluetooth speaker. Since the othe

Changing out burnt transformer

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Hi @strangeonenm ,

You should really find out why the original transformer "burnt out" in the first place.

There must be a reason for this and "increasing" the current handling capabilities by inserting a bigger transformer is not the way to solve the problem.

Have you inspected the rest of the pcb to see if there are any other components that may be faulty or ''stressed" which could have caused this to occur?


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Yeah found a couple of stess there burnt. But the retard that I am. Tried putting the larger transformer anyway. At first it came on and there was just a humming noise. But there was more wires on this Transformer than the original so I thought maybe I had the wires crossed. So I tried changing him and got a spark and burnt more of the circuit board out. So do you by chance know a place I could get a Transformer and circuit board for this speaker. It's a karaoke Bluetooth. Thanks for the help earlier should have just paid attention to you more. But would appreciate any other assistance you could give


I noticed two on the back plate says caution hot. Kind of understandable they do get warm with no fan could I install one as to keep it cooler. Just trying to think ahead as a preventative measure when I installed the new Transformer and circuit board. Or is it or do you think it will be cheaper to just buy it another speaker


Hi @strangeonenm ,

Don't be too hard on yourself. This is how you learn. If we're honest about it, we've all been there done that

My only suggestion at this stage is to locate the circuit board "number" that is printed on the board and then search online using the number ONLY to see if there are any results for suppliers.

If this yields no results try searching for "iBastek (insert model number) parts" and check for results.

If there are any suitable boards available obviously the decision is yours as to whether or not to purchase in preference to a new speaker.

As for installing a fan, depending on what voltage supplies are available in the unit, you may be able to hook up a small PC fan to extract the heat out of the unit, but you would've thought that the manufacturer would have taken this into consideration when it was designed.


Alright once again, appreciate your input. And am going to check on circuit board. Right now.once again thanks




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