Appleの iPhone 5sは2013年9月10日に発表されました。このデバイスの修理は全モデルの修理と類似しています。そしてスクリュードライバー、こじ開けツールが必要です。GSM か CDMA、16か32、64GBがあり、色はシルバー、ゴールド、スプレーグレイが選べます。

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iPhone still not working after restore

Last night, in the middle of responding to a text message, my iphone 5s screen went black. I have tried the hard reset option. I have tried plugging it into itunes and letting itunes restoring and updating my iphone multiple times. Every time I have plugged it into itunes, it says there is a problem with the iphone and needs to either be updated or restored. I have tried updating and/or restoring 4-5 times now. Nothing works. According to itunes my phone is at 95% currently so I know it isn't a battery issue.

Here's how it is behaving: The screen remains black at all times. It does vibrate in response to being plugged in (either to itunes or to the wall). The screen will light up, but it won't show anything besides a black screen (no apple logo, no connect to itunes, etc.). I'm so frustrated. Nothing I did brought this on and i don't understand it

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It's probably just the screen, on the iPhone 5s model not much can go bad if you take care of your phone.

You may want to open it up and look for any signs of damage inside the phone (liquid, burn marks, corrosion).

Here is where you can buy a replacement screen from iFixit:

iPhone 5s Screen

Guide to replace screen:

iPhone 5s スクリーンの交換

If by chance your screen has been replaced before, try reseating the screen connectors using the guide I have linked.

iPhone 5s Screen画像


iPhone 5s Screen



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