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Display won't work after cleaning

My son's ps4 was overheating. It would make a loud noise and then power down. I followed one of your videos and took it apart cleaned everything. The heat sink was jammed packed with dust. I cleaned and replaced the thermal paste and put it back together. I plugged it in and it turned on and sounded like it was running really smooth. I could hear the fan going but now the display won't work. My tv says no signal. It worked before I started. I used a flash light to check the hdmi port and theft are no bent or broken prongs. I took back apart and re watched the video and put it back together again and have the same problem. What did I do wrong?

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Two questions, have you tried a different HDMI cable, and a different TV? Just ruling things out.



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Try another TV, and another cable, and another option is to boot the PS4 in to safe mode, hold power button till you hear a second beep, this may get the display working for you to change the resolution. :-)


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Im having the same problem same situation, but safe mode wont work. If i attempt to put it into safe mode it turns off. And my controller wont connect to the console and it seems the usb drives arent working




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