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Can I wire lower element so it cuts on first?

Pretty confident my top element is burnt out, I purchased a rebuild kit and that's the only part I haven't been able to replace, can't get it to come loose. So my question is is there any reason I can't run the wires from the top element to the bottom one basically turning it into a single element heater until I can get it fixed

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@goliath44 you could but watch the thermostat settings etc. Also, your bottom element will have a hard time keeping up with the temperatures. After all, the cold water enters at the bottom through the dip tube. The moment you run the water it will refill with cold water and your element will turn on a lot, trying to keep up with the demand..


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Thank you. I'm not planning on making it a long time fix just some luke warm water to take a shower in. I just wanted to make sure, I didn't have to worry about the temperature not reading right or something.


It'll be a very lukewarm shower and I would of course suggest to fix it asap. Good luck!




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