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大きめのアップルMacBook Airラップトップはデュアルマイクと802.11ac Wi-Fi接続を特徴としています。

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Key too sensitive after plastic sheet under plunger damaged?

I noticed a few days ago that my X key was very sensitive to touch… to the point where I could type out that letter by just rubbing the key. I took the cap, scissors and plunger off that key and a few others to see what the problem was and noticed that the plastic film thing that sits directly under the plunger for this specific key had a dent in it… only difference between the other keys I looked at that could possibly cause this.

Is there a way I could fix this DIY?

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Are you a heavy user of the X key?



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Sorry to say you'll need to replace the keyboard to fix this. Most likely you had something spill into the keyboard.

The plastic keyboard backlight & light guide and the metal hinge frame & the switches which is held in by screws & rivets which does take some effort to take apart. You really can't safe the old keyboard on this model.

I'll warn you Louis is a bit foulmouthed but he goes over the process quite well. Here's his YouTube vid: Macbook Air A1369 A1466 Keyboard Repair & Replacement - how-to step by step guide

Make sure you order the new keyboard with screws as you'll need to replace the rivets with them.


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ESWAT さん、ありがとうございました!

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