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The eighth generation of the Mitsubishi Lancer.

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When driving and heading to stop the engine fluctuates also P0507 code

P0507 code, and engine fluctuates when slowing down. Acceleration is rough, I’ve cleaned out the mass a flow sensor as well as the IAC, and throttle body. Still having same issue. Was thinking of replacing some of these parts but wanted to know what your suggestions were.

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The PCM has determined that the engine RPM is higher than expected fro the current engine operation conditions"..

-Probable Causes

1. Vacuum leak on engine

2. Dirty TB

3. IAC motor defective

4. Poor electrical connection to the IAC valve

Test for vacuum leaks with a can of carb cleaner. If the idle increases while you are spraying on the vacuum lines and connectors you know it leaks. Replace your lines.

Also try to reset you ECU by removing the positive cable from your battery and leave it disconnect for 15-30 minutes


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