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My washer wont stay running

My washer will fill with water and start the washing processes for a few minutes then it just stops. It wont drain, spin, or anything. Ive already tried bypassing the lid switch. That didnt fix it. Ive tried changing water level, wash cycle, and nothing is fixing it. Any advice on what I need to do?

Update (02/03/2018)

Its an older model. Its a top loader made by Estate. Ive never even heard of that brand before. I cant even google my issue with it cause nothing is pulling up with that brand. It doesn't have a fabric softener dispenser and the agitator is a single unit.

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Does the washer have a mechanical program "timer" control knob that steps around, through the various wash phases (wash, rinse spin etc) as the wash progresses?

If so is it stepping around or has it stopped at the one spot? Can you manually rotate it past the spot and check if the wash progresses from there?



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This is an unusual problem. It might help to know your exact machine.

In top loading washing machines, the agitator is responsible for moving the clothes through the water and detergent and is driven by the output shaft of the transmission. The output shaft is normally splined and the center of the plastic agitator will have a matching spline to ensure a tight fit. Depending on the brand of washing machine, the agitator may be a single piece unit or a two piece dual action agitator. If the single piece agitator or the lower portion of a dual agitator does not oscillate back and forth during the wash cycle, or if the agitator can be turned on the transmission shaft, then the spline may be damaged and the agitator may need to be replaced. Most agitators are held in place with a bolt that threads into the top of the transmission shaft and is located below the softener dispenser or top cover. Some models use a small set screw in the barrel of the agitator just above the base to secure the agitator to the shaft, while some will use a rubber o-ring to provide a tight fit. When the retaining device is removed you should be able to lift the agitator from the shaft.

On top loading washers that use a dual action agitator, it is possible for the upper portion of the agitator to become disengaged from the bottom portion. The upper part is driven by directional cogs or “dogs” that are made of hard plastic and can wear out from hard use. If the upper portion of your agitator will turn in either direction or makes a grating sound during the wash cycle, then the directional cogs may need to be replaced. Remove the softener dispenser cover to access the retaining bolt securing the top portion of the agitator. With this removed you will be able to replace the directional cogs and the plastic bearing support


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Problem is I don't know what's wrong with it.

Maybe @oldturkey03 or @ladytech may have some pregnant ideas.


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