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2006 Ford Ranger 3.0 6 cylinder compression leak.

I just purchased a 2006 Ford Ranger with a 3.0 6 cylinder. It has 73K I was told it had a misfire in cylinder six. I purchased it for a good price and have a about $1000 to put in to the truck. I just found out that cylinder 6 has a compression leak. I don’t know the readings yet(compression numbers). After driving it a few days it has a lot of power, it idols relatively smooth and it seems to have a lot of power. It’s not using or leaking any fluids. I’m just not sure if I feel comfortable driving this truck knowing that it has a compression leak. Do you have any suggestions? I have some experience fixing cars but I don’t feel comfortable changing heads or engines. I do have a friend that works cheap.

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@rigs2 all this will depend on what your compression test shows. If it does show low compression you do want to make sure that your valves etc are okay. The best thing to do would be a leak-down test.


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