Apple's 2016 revision to their laptop lineup targeted at professional users. Features a 15-inch, 2880-by-1800 Retina display, quad-core Intel Core i7, 256 GB / 512 GB /1 TB / 2TB storage options, 16 GB RAM, and a keyboard equipped with a Touch Bar. Released November 2016. Features Model A1707.

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MacBook Pro 15 inch Touchbar not booting

MacBook Pro touchbar works perfectly in safe mode,touchbar works,but can’t boot in normal boot,i have cleaned installed lastet Mac OS high Siera,Run disk aid still not working,please help

Update (02/02/2018)

To add to it I’m a technician who’s has done a screen replacement on this same Macbook earlier

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You'll need to boot up on an external drive here as the SSD has a corruption. If that doesn't work your only choice is to bring it into an Apple Store to see if they will replace the logic board under extended warranty. Hopefully they just exchange the system as many of the 2016 models have a bad keyboard besides.


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Tried,still boots only in safe mode


Thanks anyway


Unlike the older series the SSD is soldered to the main logic board. You'll need to go to the local Apple Store there no choices ;-{

Make sure you bring your purchase receipt when you bought the system and you may need to talk with a manager if the genius gives you a hard time. Don't take no as the answer here! Be polite and don't get angry!

You might find mid morning on a Tuesday is a good time point to make the appointment. They are still in a good mood from the week end and haven't been to stressed buy others.

Also make sure your system is clean use a micro-cloth and spray it (not the system) with a kitchen counter cleaner like 'Fantastic' nothing harsh! So you make a good impression you take care of your gear.

Let us know how it goes - Good Luck!


Thanks a lot! The issue is I’m here in Ghana Africa and there’s no official/authorize store here and will be difficult for that approach.


Oh Boy! Then you'll need to ship it off to them ;-{

Give Apple support a call so they can send you the needed packing box and ship it I guess.

Did you try going to iShop


Add: G17 Accra Mall, Plot C-11,

Spintex Road,

Accra, Ghana, West Africa




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