Windows 8 touchscreen-compatible version of the Zenbook Prime UX31A

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Can I install Lenovo's Synaptics Touchpad Driver on Asus UX303UB


I owned a Lenovo before purchasing the UX303UB in Jan 2018. I truly hate this touchpad. Waaaay too sensitive and it constantly interrupts workflow with a range of things opening up. I have turned down sensitivity to its lowest and still a problem. I would love to use the synaptics driver I had with my old lenovo but I was told by Asus Official support that it is not compatible. I have my doubts and wanted to ask the team here if it was possible.

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In case its important I could not find model in the list so I chose the closest but mine is a UX303UB Windows 10 64 bit


THanks SW. I should have more accurately shared that what Asus had said in fact was that theirs was the recommended one. Which is expected but interestingly they didn't say it could not be done.

I also suspect Smart Gesture is the problem. I have reduced the sensitivity there to the lowest.

To switch it off completely would mean losing all the features that I do use for the touch pad. But I would drop it in a heartbeat if I could get synaptics to work.



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I don't know what the manufacturer of your touch pad is. Asus looks to be using some proprietary stuff.

What I recommend is look 2 places:

Look for Asus Smart Gesture or Control Panel --> Touchpad or Control Panel --> Mouse (something like that).

You can customize sensitivity using either of those 2.

However, I think it may be the smart gestures that are annoying you. You can look into turning those off.

Make sure you downloaded the latest version.


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You could give the Synaptics a try. Since this post has the direct link to ASUS smart gesture, you can revert if it doesn't work out.

Aside from Synaptics, there is another major manufacturer called "Alps". Please note that the drivers aren't interchangeable.




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