A personal computer that resides in one location with its core components inside a case separate to third-party peripherals required for operation, such as a mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

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How to Plug in Headphones when the Jack is broken?

So, about a year ago. I broke my headphone jack by accidentally tripping over an earbud cord connected to it, and the port is stuck deep inside.

Now, I have recently gotten a pair of Turtle beach Headphones! But It doesn't seem to work as I can only connect one port inside.

Any suggestions on how to fix and use my headphones?

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about how much is in there and how deep?


Ah! My bad,

my earbud adapter is stuck inside.

Its deep enough where I can't get it out, even with the super glue method.



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What is the make and model number of your desktop or the make and model number of the motherboard if self built?

Where is the headphone socket? On a panel in the front of the computer case or at the back of the case on the motherboard?

If it is on the front of the case usually the "audio \ USB panel" (example only) is connected by cables to header pins on the motherboard.

The simplest way to resolve the problem, if your setup is like this, is to replace the panel containing the audio socket


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