How to get rid of password everytime I boot?

I entered into the BIOS, to set a password for it. I thought I would need to enter a password only when I am trying to enter the BIOS. Inside Security at BIOS, there were 3 options for setting password in, I set in 2 options, excluding the user password. But, from then, whenever I press the power button, I need to enter the password, even if I don't press f2 to get in the BIOS. Well, I tried in many ways to stop it, but I coudn't. My password on boot and secured boot are disabled. Just two passwords are set. I just wanna clear them and get rid of typing passwords on every boot.

So, how?

Computer Model is : aspire R3-131T

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Did you to "Restore Default Settings"


Have you tried changing the password to blank? Just press enter when it says to enter new password.


ok, thanks for the help, im goin to try it


it worked, i set changed the password to blank and it worked!