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Vizio M55-C2 No Picture, Has Sound, Backlights Work

I recently purchased a cheap Vizio 4K led tv in the hope of fixing it. The model is a M55-C2 and the previous owner had it for one year mounted on his wall. The power light turns on and it will either flicker the Vizio symbol for a 1/4 second or be blank when turned on. When I say blank I mean a extremely dim/blueish version of what’s on the screen. Here’s a really interesting part. I can hold the mute button to turn the backlights and panel off (audio only mode) and once I do I lose the dim/bluish picture and just I get a black screen. I then hold the back button to get out of that mode and I get a clear, perfect picture of what’s being played for half a second. It then immediately goes back being dim. I can also get a picture for half a second by unplugging the LVDS cable and then plugging it back in. The sound works perfectly and all the backlights work (removed panel to take a look). All the voltages coming out of the power board seem normal. I called 5 tv repair places and told them my situation and they had varying answers. They said it could be the t-con, bad panel, mainboard, or the backlights. I replaced the t-con, LVDS cable (t-con to main), and currently have another mainboard coming in the mail from Jimmy. They sent me the wrong board in the right box last week. I’m having a lot fun playing with this project but would like to see some progress. The biggest fear is that it’s the panel but I don’t know how it could be if I get a clear picture for half a second. It almost feels like the panel isn’t getting the power it needs. Any help would be much appreciated.

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@answerorhelp that is a tough one but it does sound like an issue with the main board since you are getting the backlight. Now you do want to check the voltages to the main board from the powerboard. The required voltages should be marked on the board. If your power board does not supply that, your main board can not generate the picture. I guess right now it's best to continue the way you are progressing. Once you got the new main board let us know what you get.


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Thank you for the reply. I have checked the voltages from the main board to the power board. These are the results while the tv was on and playing a movie.

Pin 1 5vsb. I get 5v

Pin 2 5vsb. I get 5v

Pin 3 AC DET. I get 3.27v

Pin 4 PS_ON. I get 3.27v

Pin 5 GND

Pin 6 GND

Pin 7 12v. I get 11.87v

Pin 8 12v. I get 11.87

Pin 9 GND

Pin 10 GND

Pin 11 12v. I get 11.87v

Pin 12 12v. I get 11.87v

I should also mention that the highest voltage I have found going to the panel from the t-con is 3.3v. I don’t know if that means anything.


@answerorhelp those are looking good. We'll have to wait for the Main board to arrive to see if it works.



So I ordered a mainboard from Shop Jimmy based on the pictures and the model numbers they had listed. The first one arrived was for a vizio D65-D2 tv. So Jimmy sent me a second one and it was also for a D65. Jimmy admitted to the mistake and removed the main board I was trying to order from their website. They better be giving me a full refund. Today I called vizio to locate the exact model I need and I’m currenly waiting on them. It should also be noted that the serial number on the back of the tv is LWZQSBBS. This serial is apparently a bit uncommon. Current goal is still to get a mainboard. Will keep the internet updated.


Update. I ordered a maninboard a few weeks ago and tested it out and of course it didn’t fix the tv. When I did the mute and then back button combination to see the image for a split second the image was also upside down. In the end I’m deeming this tv unfixable by me. I think something went wrong with the panel. It should also be noted that vizio could not locate the correct mainboard for this tv. They also told me to just go buy a new tv. So don’t buy vizio. Stick with Sony, Samsung, and LG.

And get a warranty.




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