The third generation of the DJI Phantom series released in April 2015.

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My controller won't connect to the drone

After I crashed my drone the controller won't seem to connect and it seems nobody on the internet can help.

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Recently I bought a '''DJI PHANTOM V PRO''' drone, and I facing the same problem with my newly purchased drone. Then I troubleshoot some basics instruction, now the issue has been solved. Now, It perfectly works. Anyway, your controller means remote controller, if you have still faced this problem you can reset your RC, or you can try this manual instruction:

Open the Go app, with your controller connected and on. On the splash screen with the photo of the drone, hold down the little hamburger menu in the top left corner for at least 10 seconds. When you release it a firmware menu should pop up for the controller. Select the version number in the middle of the screen, scroll down the oldest version it will let you select save and refresh the firmware. When it's done restart your remote and follow the props to update it in the app.


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Joe さん、ありがとうございました!

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