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I can't hear it unless I put my ear to the phone

my Alcatel IdealXCITE 5044r my speaker works fine untill I try to use it in a call then i can't hear it unless I put my ear to the phone but it's not comeing from u put your ear. It's comeing from the bottom. Of my phone. Where the normal sound comes from. And as soon as I. End the call it gets loud again for ringing and alerts and videos. It started doing this shortly after it decided to. One day totally reset it's self to factory settings and did it's own factory reset after the last update but the Alcatel company can't tell me why it did that any ideas of what happened or why I cant find anyone that can tell me what is happening and how to fix it with out telling me. To replace my phone again. It's only been. Three months sence I got this one brand-new

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Hi kotanwolf.

backup your phone and then try another factory reset. Sometimes updates can cause glitches.

See if it works OK after the reset.

If it does, restore the phone from the backup you made and see if it still works OK now.


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