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Power on - last channel


I have a LG TV.

If, for example, I am on channel 10 and I turn off the tv, when I turn it on by pressing a physical channel button 1-9 on the remote, it will be opened on channel 10 so it holds the last viewed channel.

How can I change this and make the tv to power on the channel I press from the remote?

Thank you!

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@deyu1s what model LG TV and what model is your Remote? Are you using a cable box or how are you connected?



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Hi @deyu1s ,

You cannot change this to do it your way. (Unless you wish to rewrite the firmware)

The firmware is written so that the TV stores the last channel that it was on when it is turned off and will connect to this channel first regardless of the way it is switched on.

The correct way to turn on a TV is to use the TV's Power On button or the remote control's On button, not the channel number select button(s). That is what the On/Off buttons are there for.


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