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Released 2012, model number L610 A point and shoot camera

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Nikon L620 won't fully turn on

My Nikon Coolpix L620 won't turn on all the way. It used to work perfectly fine, and then I left in alone for a couple of months, just to then use it again and take some quick pictures, but with it dying a few minutes later saying, "Batter Exhausted". I let it rest for a few minutes, grab it, turn it on, and try to figure out my shot again, only for it to do this over and over. Now, it will barely even turn on. Sometimes, I'll press the power button and the cylinder part of the camera (I'm not well educated on camera parts) pop open like it's getting ready to go, just for it turn right back off. I've switched batteries a few times, checking to make sure that both of them were 1.5v, and that didn't do anything. Please help!!

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Hi @steeldialga

Just clarifying.

You've stated that "I've switched batteries a few times, checking to make sure that both of them were 1.5V".

Were these the same batteries that were in the camera for a couple of months that you just switched over in the battery holder or do you mean that you inserted fresh batteries?

If they were the original batteries, they might measure 1.5V on a o/c test but the voltage might fall when there is a load placed on the batteries.

Have you checked the battery terminals in the camera to ensure that they are bright and shiny, thereby ensuring a good connection to the battery?



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I got the Coolpix L610 answers before I searched for the L620 page. Several people there on the L610 page mentioned that they switched to lithium batteries and had no more difficulties. That's what I think I'm going to try next with my Coolpix L620.


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