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Microphone of E6230 won't pick up any sonund

the microphone in my E6230 can't pick up any sound. My operation systenm is win 10 and drivers have been updated.In bios,the microphone has been enabled.How to fix it?

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Hi @dirkyoung ,

Was it working before in Win 10 or has it recently failed to work?

If it recently stopped working was your laptop updated with the Win 10 Fall Creators update 1709? (check in Start > Settings > Update > Update History to check version) and did it stop working at about the same time.

Are you using the generic Win 10 audio drivers or the audio controller manufacturer's Win 10 drivers, (or even dell's)?


I have just install win7 ultimatle and the microphone is does not work.Maybe the microphone problem is hardware mulfunction.But i don't not how to repair it.



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Hi @dirkyoung ,

Check that the webcam is not disabled and is working correctly. If you have no webcam ensure that the webcam option is still enabled in BIOS. The microphone is situated on the webcam board or microphone only board depending on your configuration.

Here is a link that explains the problem with Dell E series laptops

Alternatively if you have already been down this road then here is a video that shows how to dis-assemble your laptop so that you can check out the webcam/microphone pcb.

Hopefully this is of some help.

Update (01/01/2018)

Hi @dirkyoung ,

The part number for the webcam/microphone board is Y4TWT

If you search online using just the part number only you will get suppliers.


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Thanks a lot. I have downloaded a owner's-manual of e6230 from IfixIt. Just as what you have said , the microphone is suited on the webcam board.I have checked that my webcam worked well .They are in one module. So maybe I should by one to replace it.




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