LN46D630M3FXZA Odd Display "Banding"


This question is in regards to a 2011 Samsung model LN46D630M3FXZA. I purchased the television new in 2011 and have been very satisfied. One day, when powering on the device, these odd vertical "bands" appeared. The device was not damaged or struck, there was no contact with moisture and no issue with power. It simply "happened".

Does anyone know what the issue might be?

Does this sound like something worth repairing?

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LN46D630M3FXZA Vertical "Banding"

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Okay ..you are going to have to assume this is hardware related then...I am not sure of the configuaration of this particular set but here is a starting point....ebay the model number and look at replacement parts ...video board or mainboard...because the chances are moisture has shorted a component and trying to diagnose which one will take time which adds to cost if you use an engineer....try this link and size up what you are happy to spend or by a broken screened version in your locality and swap out the bits you need..




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If you live in a house prone to damp or condensation...also near a door to the kitchen which is notorious for moisture from cooking and drying clothes...the continual damp and drying effect on electrical contacts can oxidise the surfaces....this is also why electrical equipment fails sooner in a smokers home as opposed to non smokers...

If you like tinkering then try this small procedure first....disconnect power cables ..lay the tv face down on a duvet or thick blanket/towel....remove all rear screws and detach case....then check where the ribbon cable runs from LCD panel to video logic board....remove one end and inspect for dull contacts....then reseat...then do the other connection.be careful some ribbons will tear if you simply try to pull them off...study if it has a plastic clip, these usually lift upwards with a toothpick....this is certainly the first thing to try as in mos t cases the banding is due to poor connections between LCD and logic board...if this fails to correct it then it may be a hardware issue with the video board or main board....did you have a recent thunderstorm or was the tv connected to the mains during a power spike....did the power surge black out the whole house whilst the tv was on and then came on again ...incidences like this can damage some components and produce intermittent problems.


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Thank you for your reply, I will checking the connection shortly. To answer your other questions. I live in Phoenix Arizona, moisture is low. There were no thunderstorms or electrical surges either.


No joy. Ribbon connectors were solid and unmarked. Since I had the unit open, I dusted everything then cleaned and re-seated the connectors. Banding issue persists.




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