Released by Samsung in March 2016. Model SM-G930V.

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I dropped my phone and now it is getting taken over by purple.

The phone is being unresponsive. I am wondering how I can fix this? The buttons and everything work fine. Just the screen is unresponsive. Any answer helps!

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You will need to replace the screen to fix the issue.

Here is a guide on how to replace the screen:

Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Replacement

Here are the parts you need to replace the screen:

- Screen Adhesive: Galaxy S7 Touch Screen Adhesive

- Screen Assembly: Galaxy S7 LCD Screen and Digitizer

I also recommend getting a replacement back panel glass if you are going to do the repair yourself, it's very common for the paint finish to chip off, sometimes you can take the back cover glass without damaging it but that requires stuff like playing cards, guitar pick or plastic thin tab.

Galaxy S7 LCD Screen and Digitizer画像
Galaxy S7 Touch Screen Adhesive画像


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