Released September 2016, the Vivo 5R represents the sixth generation of the Vivo series and an update to the Vivo 5.

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Cost of my blu vivo 5r screen replacement

How much would it cost to replace my blu vivo 5r screen and where can I get it done in Lagos, Nigeria

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Based on my research, they say it is recommended to replace the full LCD and touch screen digitizer. While in theory it is possible to only remove/replace the top glass, there is a good chance the LCD underneath gets damaged while removing the glass.

That said, the BLU vivo 5R glass is available on amazon for under $50.. check this out

The local phone repair shops in the neighborhood mall should be able to help get this fixed. Their labor charges are around $60

Disclaimer: I haven't yet bought the digitizer or gotten it fixed, will do it hopefully soon...


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how do u get to the back of the phone I tried to replace the screen but there is a metal plate preventing me from disconnecting the screen connectors from the phone if u can help me my email is




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