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Samsung Galaxy Note 4は2014年10月にリリースされたスマートフォンです。Galaxy Note 4のモデル番号は、米国の種類のSM-N910、SM-N910A、SM-N910T、SM-N910V、SM-N910R4です。

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My note 4 seems to be slower than normal

My note 4 seems slower than normal even after doing a factory reset and a hard reset ,and also going to safe mode etc but still the same....I have flashed a few phone but the last time was on a friends rooted gs3 about 4+ years if I flash my stock note4 with latest stock firmware will it void my warranty.... reasoning is I think I may have firmware corruption. .I tried many apps to check hardware and they all said it was fine..don't know if they are reliable..but if I reflash and it's still slow I would know it's hardware or more internal. is there a preferred way I know about odin a little bit etc. me... its like reformatting a PC..they normally run much better.afterwards .... I just don't wanna void my warranty. ..thank you

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