Why all of a sudden my xl7 just won't even turn over it ran fine all d

Let me start from the beginning. I bought a 05 Suzuki xl7 4x4 2 months and 2 days ago. It had 89000 miles on it ran fine. One day I get in it and the 4x4 light the check engine light the brake and abs light and power light was all flashing and it had no power. So my mechanic did a hard reset on it and it was even better than when I bought it. I went to work 11/22/17 Car ran great. I get out of work put the key in the ignition and nothing. A coworker was kind enough to give me a jump and still nothing. My brother who has been working on cars for at least 40 yrs came with me to try and start it but had no luck. All it does is click lights and everything comes on just doesn't start can anyone help please. Thank you

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