Moved trackpad to new case now not recognized as trackpad bad click

I damaged my case installing a new keyboard (do I feel stupid?) and bought a new complete case with keyboard installed. I did a stupid thing trying to get out the trackpad adjusting screw and damaged it. So I took a trackpad adjusting screw from a MBP 13 2010 which looks to me exactly the same. Am I wrong here? The trackpad from the damaged case was working fine.

Problems is now when I moved the trackpad.

- not able to get click, maybe on the sides but nothing in the middle. Tried every adjustment of the adjusting screw

- in system preferences it says "no trackpad" but I can use the trackpad to click so it is "just a mouse"

I removed the trackpad and cable very carefully. Could it be the cable? What about the click? There seems no damage to the trackpad. The adjustment screw seems exactly the same physical size but is there a difference I do not see?

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