screen overlay on the blu vivio xl 2

Hi everybody,first I just wanted to say Thanks for letting me be a part of the iFixit Community. And thanks to Alex and Shawn for helping me with my first problem. Now I have another one that is driving me nuts! I have the BLU VIVIO XL 2 model V0070UU. How the heck do I turn off the annoying screen overlay pop up? I need instructions specific to my model because I have tried using the instructions for other BLU phones and even the original BLU VIVIO XL but the settings are a bit different in this model because I can't do it. This phone has Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Weren't they suppose to fix this issue by 6.0 version? It is driving me nuts and I would prefer to turn it off for all app. Unless you guys think some apos need to be allowed to draw over other apps? Remember, this lady is no techie...please make any instructions as easy to follow as possible. Lololol. Thanks everybody....

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