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MacBook retina mid 2014 temperature sensor broken

Hi guys!

I have a problem with a temperature sensor (i don't remember which one, for sure no battery neither ssd), diagnosed by an Official Apple Center, which causes an automatically shout down of the computer and the solution is change the logic board for 700€. Can be a way to temporary solve the problem by using a software? Perhaps excluding that particular sensor? The issue I'm noticing occurs when temperature increases over 50C°/60C°. I'm now trying TG pro in order to increase fans speed to keep the temperatures below.


Ah an extra thing, the problem started two weeks after the retina display substitution due to stain gate. The intervention has been done by the same center that diagnosed the sensor problem but i don't know if the things are related (and in any case i don't know how to prove it)

Update (10/19/2017)

@mayer thanks a lot!

Well the technician said to try the computer because he toredown and reassembled it and also replaced the thermal past (mentioned the heat sink and cpu thermal paste). Looking at the invoice says temperature sensor "POWER ADAPTER". Ok I also add the TGPro screenshot, this has been taken immediately when I turned on the computer and I'll call italian apple support. Anyway as i wrote in the first post can display replacement cause problems? (or maybe by the technician because now I'm having some doubts because he didn't mentioned the Flat Rate repair)

Block Image

Update (02/01/2018)

Hi guys, I'd like to update you.

First of all I bought a new macbook (the retina 2015 version) because apparently here in Italy the only solution (by apple, retail or official apple store) is replace the logic board for 700€ and the new piece has only 90 days of warrant. I think it's ridiculous and the game is not worth the candle, especially for the warranty. So I still have the 2014 with the sensor problem. In your opinion is possible fix only this broken sensor? Can you show me where is located on the logic board? And last question, as I said at the beginning, the problem appeared two weeks after the Retina display replacement but for you could be the two thinks related? And also the the warranty for the new screen it's referred only to the new piece (so the display itself) or could be intended referred to the intervention in general? I'm trying to contact apple Italy to explain my case, also for the retailer bad behaviour because said they would have retired the broken machine but after I bought the new one said no, cause the computer had the problem. Thanks in advance for your help!!

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That machine should be able to go to 95 degrees C before shutting down. What happened to it?



Thanks for your answer. Well nothing, I mean the problem started 2 weeks ago the computer automatically shout down while I'm using it, the screen becomes black and the fans star to turn quickly for 10 seconds. So after the PRAM/SMC reset and a clear installation of OS i brought it to an apple premium reseller and after a week of test the technician diagnosed a problem with a temperature sensor that seems to happen randomly. (For example to him occurred connecting to the computer an external HD). The only solution is replace the logic boards. Today I'm trying it and the problem seems occur when the temperature actually increases like when i run "heavy" software or when i install some software (like archicad), probably because this broken sensor perceives a temperature higher than reality and so turns off the computer.


What does TG Pro show you? Post a screenshot of the main screen here for us to see. You'll want the full version so you can enable logging.


The tech didn't mention the "flat rate repair because he either didn't know about it or because he makes nothing on this repair.



Free shipping on all orders over $100 or containing a Pro Tech Toolkit!




I'm always somewhat suspicious of repair places that recommend a logic board replacement without trying everything else first. I would do the TGPro like Dan mentioned. Even if it is the logic board you can do what is called a Flat Rate repair directly from Apple. In Texas I call 1-800-MYAPPLE. The total cost for this repair is $357. That includes tax and shipping. They will repair any and all problems for that fee if it has not been dropped or gotten wet. Total time including shipping is four days. So now we can rest a little easier and see if all you need is a thermal paste replacement.


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