Is it bizarre that my internal fan just stopped?

I have had my console since August 2015, I keep it well ventilated and clean it with compressed air when I can, last night I was online and I noticed my control shut off I thought it needed charging so I pressed the PS button to turn it on again and it blinked. I had no idea how or why my console shut down and it wouldn't turn back on, I waited and tried again but it took a moment before it could turn on again but when I finally did it just shut down again. Honestly I didn't notice anything on my tv screen until the second time I got it turned on; it beeped and noticed the alert on the screen along with the red line.

Now, when I took the back off the console, the fan was dust free (because I cleaned it recently) but the heat sink had a small amount of dust I blew it out with compressed air and tried turning on again, same thing happened. I never hear my fan because I notice when you clean it it stays quiet, I heard it loud once and that is how I knew it needed a cleaning! Anyways I kept the back off and turned on but the fan didn't spin.

So I am guessing this means I need a replacement fan, correct?

I have the PS4, CUH-1115A.

I also live in Barbados where repair places are very limited and getting parts online takes a while, so I suspect I have to wait a while to get my game back (especially since I have to wait til tomorrow (Monday) since not many businesses open on Sundays in my country), but I just want to know if my assessment is correct.

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