The HP Photosmart C3180 is an all-in-one printer.

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cant figure out where the part goes

ok this is major urgency...i dismantled my photosmart c3188 seeing the guide on your site...and was able to reassemble it oo..but ...a part came off somewhere while dismantling i and i missed seeing its location and i have no clue where it belong....and the printer gives weird noise without it...plz plz plz help....i m attaching the photo of the part

image link

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That part is a transmission axle from a gear in the right side at the bottom of the paper feed roller assembly, behind a oval like hole, that connects there with a gear in one extreme of this axle, the one that has the white piece. The axle sits in two U holes in the left and central walls, of the compartments that are under the printer head cleaner tray (see Step 34 in the guide for Feed Roller Assembly Removal, to remove this tray). The other end of the axle, that has a pinion, connects to a rack in the under side of this tray, in order to move the tray forward and back.


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