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Cracks on cell phone

LG K20 Plus my cell phone fell and the screen shattered .

I could just cry . I did all the right things by having the right cover and protective coverings on it . Wasnt thinking when someone bump into me and my phone went flying then landed with a thump . My heart sank .

Been calling around to see what it would cost to replace the glass and its the same price as the phone . I have a warranty but it does not cover glass damage .

I just bought this cell a few weeks ago too .

My question is there parts to fix the screen or do I really need to buy a new cell ?

Thanks Any advice would be so helpful .

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Is there anywhere else you could look for a more reasonable repair price? I really wish I could give more help, but this is a little out of my field of expertise...



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@rainyfalls8 no you do not need to buy a new phone. The LCD and touch screen are available at numerous places for around $50USD


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Hi oldturkey03

You mention that the LCD and touch screen are available at numerous places .

Do you mean like on line ? Im sorry this is all new to me . And is it easy to do yourself ?


@rainyfalls8 that is correct. Looks like there are plenty of those on ebay.com It appears that you can even get complete midsections for your phone. If sor then I would think that this is a straight forward repair. In reality, if unsure about doing it yourself, consider using one of may cellphone repair places. This will of course depend on where you reside.


@oldturkey03 where is some sort of how to for this screen repair. I've been searching and cannot find one anywhere. Not for a K20. I find V20 videos and guides but that's it


Yeah so right! What's up with this b.s. anyway. I see videos all over the place that say fix your cracked screen but they are all b.s. then I come across ifixit. They say oh yeah come to our website we have repair manuals. I come here and all there is is this stupid question and answer garbage.




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