How do I disassemble a tzumi dream vision vr headset

I lost an item inside trying to fix it, and I couldn't get it out. I need to know how to disassemble the headset to get the item out of the devise.

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Carefully peel off the foam padding under the phone compartment. Do your best to keep the adhesive on the foam. It helps if you have an exacto-knife with a flat ended blade to lift the glue off of the plastic. There are five or six screws under the foam pad that need to be removed to access the inside of the headset. (One of the screws was missing on my headset.) I took the headset apart to repair the self-retracting ear-pod on the right side, which would not retract. There is no need to disassemble the retraction unit to fix the problem. Turns out that the cord had slipped off of some pegs, and that retraction of the cord is hindered by a defective design on the right side. The design allows the sled on which a pulley rides in the retraction unit to contact the tethered cord. This can be observed by pulling the cord out and watching the sled make contact with the cord at the end of the track. I rerouted the cord to exit on the pulley side of the retraction unit and held it in place with a twisty-tie, then routed the cord back through the pins. The cords must be retracted prior to routing through the pins. Be sure that the ends of the twisty-tie do not interfere with the lens before re-assembling.


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