Why won't my display come on?

I can't figure this out, it only happens every once in a while and sometimes if it goes to sleep I can't get the display back up.

I've tried taking out the battery, and disconnecting it and holding the power button

I've taken out the two ram cards and cleaned them

I've tried booting with one ram card and swapping their locations

I've also tried connecting to an external monitor, still nothing...

This is the only site I have found with detailed instructions on this model of Gateway laptop

Please help...

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cyclopscgw so I am a bit confused. This only happens when your computer goes to sleep? when you reboot it your image comes back up? Or you have no image at any time?


There's no real rhyme or reason to it, sometimes when I turn it on the display won't come on, sometimes it does. When it does come on any time it goes to sleep is a crap shoot as to if the display will come back on.


Have you tried updating the BIOS? What version operating system do you have?


I'm not sure how to update the BIOS but I can find out. It was running Vista when this began and I've recently updated it to Windows 7