LED backlight stopped working - bad capacitors?

Hi all - new member here :)

My Asus VK248H monitor finally died on me.

The LED backlight had been randomly turning off for some time. Turning off the monitor and waiting a minute before turning it on again, would make it work for a bit.

Now the backlight wont come back on, but I can still see the picture although it is really dark.

Since I was going to throw the thing out anyway I decided to take it apart and have a look.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Not sure if it shows, but there are no visible bulge or leaks on any of the capacitors.

The capacitor brands appear to be "Elite", "Lelon" and "Chemi-con" (I think).

Should I go ahead and change them and if so - what are the good brands?

Picture of "the other board":

Block Image

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@jensendk What does the other board look like?


Thank you for the answer.


The other board looks like this.

I'm going to pick up some new capacitors (Panasonic, Nippon Chemi-Con, Nichicon or RubyCon) from eBay, and maybe even a cheap ESR meter, and have a go at it .

Edit: can't post pics in comments so I edited the original question.


Lcd broken ,no power suply.


Jose Alcázar is this a question or an answer?



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@jensendk they look okay but that does not mean they are. For the cost of the caps, I'd go ahead and recap the board. It might just resolve the issue and get your monitor "back on the road" If nothing else it'll be a good project. It would even be a good monitor for a universal backlight inverter!


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