RCA Android tablet with detachable keyboard, identified by model number RCT6303W87DK.

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How can I transfer my internet data from my phone to my tablet?

How can I transfer internet data from phone to tablet?

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As in you want to create a hotspot for your tablet so you can go on the web outside of wifi zones?


Try to create a hotspot using your Phone.. and then connect your tablet



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If its rcaviking pro dont transfer anything your not willing to lose they have allot of issues and factory reset clears those for awhile but after a few months they startup again and you lose everything on the tablet for good and have to start fresh find a different brand my advice cuz im on my fourth or fifth repeat of the thing sticking in auto reboot loop and all chinese symbols in almost two years and nobody yet has come up with a reasonable fix that will allow me to retain my info and begin using again so thats all can offer as im here searchjing once again for a solution


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