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Appleはスリムダウンして性能を上げたiPad Airを2013年11月1日に発表しました。スペースグレーとシルバーの2色から選べます。カスタムA7 プロセッサー搭載しており、容量は16、32、64と128 GBがあります。

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bent, smashed and unresponsive

i sat down on my ipad and got up and saw that it bent it in the middle off one side. It had also smashed most of the screen and half of it doesnt work. what should i do

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If I understand you correctly, the device "sort of" works. I take the bend is on the long side and not the short one. If that is the case, you may be lucky to not have damaged the logic board.

You will have to open it up, remove all the guts, reshape the housing, re-install everything. You will need a new digitizer and adhesive and most likely a new LCD. The battery may also be damaged so you will want to check it to make sure it isn't physically damaged (torn, bloated etc.).

Not sure it will make financial sense though...go to this page where you will find all of the guides necessary. Within each guide will be a list of parts and tools you may need.


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