Battery/Charging Port Failure. Wireless Charger does not solve.

So here is the short version of a long story:

Phone is acting super weird. No water damage, just a smal crack on front screen that happened a year ago... No damage right before this incident....

It stopped recognizing the charging cable all togther. (I tried many different chargers). I ordered a wireless charging pad and it worked for about a day and then that would not charge it anymore either. While it was on the pad it was acting like it was being plugged in through the port (blue charging circle coming from bottom instead of middle of screen) when I wasn't touching it at all. It kept saying charging/charing paused back and forth constantly to where it wasn't gaining any life at all.

Verizon couldn't help me. Their chargers didn't help it either. Batteries plus bulbs told me that since the screen is cracked they'd have to replace the screen along with the battery if they're going to be taking it apart and risking further damage to the screen. Front screen replacement is $250. Battery is $70 but they said they'd give me a deal with the buncdle and do battery for $40. (They also got the charging port to recognize their charging cable but only for a second and it didn't actually improve battery b/c it was very lose and not consistent.)

My questions:

A) Does anyone know of anywhere to send the phone where front screen & battery replacement would be cheaper?

B) Would it be worth it to fix the phone for $300 or is there something else wrong with the phone as well.... Would I be better off just buying a new phone since it's 2 years old?

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Disassembling the phone would cause more damage to a cracked LCD, so I think replacement is imminent if you do repair anything. I don't know if the behavior you experience is solely a battery issue considering your description.

For $300, on ebay you can get an B+ condition Galaxy 7 which is way better than the 6 (and has a memory card slot again).


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