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Lenovo A319 Phone Wont turned on

at first my phone had charging prob. Thn i send it for repair, being told tht software is d culprit so i fix it. But thn the problem re-occured. Fix it by change its port or smething like tht still phone refused to turn on.

What should i do? Please help.

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@rinamann1711 first I would try a new battery or one that is known to be good and charged. Se if your set turns on with that. If it does not, you can check the charging port first before just going to replace it. You need a multimeter for that and measure to see if there is any voltage on pin 1 (pos) and Ground pin 5 with the phone plugged in. Let us know what you find.

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If you have to teardown your phone, it may also help if you post some images of your board with your question. Use this guide so we can see what you see.


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