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2014年9月19日に発売されたこのiPhoneは4.7インチのスクリーンサイズでiPhone 6 Plusの縮小版です。

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Microphone not working during calls, voice notes and headphones


I'm having some trouble with the mic of my iphone 6. Is not working during a phone call (caller can't hear me), taking a voice note, neither Shazam app can recognize any noise/song. The mic was replaced and suddenly stop working, so I started to use the headphones and problem solved.

Siri is functional using the headphones and without them. I read that Siri's mic is located near ear speaker so that's why Siri can hear me.

I've erased resent downloaded apps, hard reboot, verified the mic connection and don't find what's happening. Last thought, the headphone Jack, lightning connector, mic assembly has damaged only the mic.

What can I do to solve this problem?

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The microphone for calls is on the Lightning cable. Its not uncommon at all for them to go bad. Its not common for both to go out at once but...I've seen weirder things.

Replace the Lightning cable and you should be all set.

iPhone 6 のLightningコネクターアセンブリの交換

iPhone 6 Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack

iPhone 6 Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack画像


iPhone 6 Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack



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I think that calls microphone is not in the lightning cable or you're talking about the assembly (the recommended part to be replaced)?


Its in the assembly.




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