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Wireless Bluetooth speaker realeased 2012, older model than current iBT16.

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Alright, guys. I'm reaching pretty far on this one

I purchased this years ago, and it has started failing. Shutting off randomly, which is probably a battery issue. Anyways I decided to chain this out, so I have a Bluetooth surround system in the shop. I hooked everything up, and it half works. When I play a song, it plays two seconds and stops audio, but the track progress bar continues. However when typing in a text, the sound plays through the speakers. But not when I type here. Anybody got any ideas?

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Have you registered the product on the manufacturer website? If so, have you checked for a firmware update? Does it work fine with older bluetooth devices?


Ah, so you had your wires crossed, and the speakers wires too! :-)



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Actually @avanteguarde, I was so focused on my goal, I just simply forgot something so simple one of my junior repair techs saw it straight away! I had wired both of the speakers, right to the one new speaker! How foolish of me! Been bangin out Collie Buddz new track on that thing all day!


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iMedic さん、ありがとうございました!

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