Device won't power on and charge

I opened the tablet to remove a stuck micro SD. After I put the device back together, it now won't power on and charge.

I'm not sure if how I did is a factor but here goes: I used a plastic card to pry off the back cover and used a screwdriver for spectacles to remove the screws. Did all this with my bare hands. I also used a used soft-bristled toothbrush to dust the insides.

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Did you disconnect the battery?


Not that I am aware of.

I just lifted the entire PCB along with the battery to get to the dislodged microSD.

I also tried plugging it in then pressing the power button for 30sec.


That could be why. You might have shorted something out.


Is there a way to confirm this?

Also, why would it have shorted out?



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@fpjones3, Fred, I do not own this device, maybe try disassembling the device again and check all the connections/wires and for any loose/damaged/burnt components. Undo the connections and reseat them to ensure there is good contact. You could also check the battery voltage and charger to ensure they are working with a DVOM. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.


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Thanks L Pfaff. I do not know how to use a DVOM though. I'll see what I can do.

Cameron (above) mentioned it might have shorted out. What could have caused it?


Fred, Yes leaving the battery in when working on a device is not a good idea as you could accidentally cross contacts on the board causing short or if you do not ground your self when working on a device you could let off a static discharge also. Best to also check all the connections and reseat them and look/probe gently(tooth pick) for any loose/damaged components. Below I will post a guide on how a multi meter can be used, there are also a lot of other good guides available on the Net for viewing.





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