Echo SRM-225 Trimmer. This model replaced the SRM-210. The most common repairs for this device are straight forward and can be done quickly.

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no vacum won't pull gas

How can you ck if it has vacuum? I put a new carb on it and the fuel bulb is full but no fuel in cylinder. Has 110 compression.

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Bad carburetor first time having trouble with new carburetor.

Thanks for the help



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@rcurren01, rcurren , Echo SRM-225 Trimmer, You can try with fuel cap off in case the caps vent is plugged not allowing fuel flow and or replace the filer in the tank if you have not already done so. Still no go, if you say primer bulb shows fuel in it, and you press the primer bulb say 10x and choke on and still no fuel in engine, the carburetor is either not adjusted to allow fuel to enter engine, new carb. faulty, fuel lines not hooked up properly/pinched. Links below may help trouble shoot your issue including manual. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.


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