Lag response from laptop

Hello good citizens of planet earth,

It appears my laptop is ill and is in need of help. There seems to be a problem with the response on my laptop as the title implies. To go further in depth, at times whenever I move my trackpad and move the cursor, it would move to the designated area after a second or two. I was under the impression that this is solely a trackpad issue, but this issue would also appear when I would use an external mouse inserted inside the USB port. Additionally, this issue would also arise when I decide to darken/brighten my screen (F1, F2). Lastly, and simultaneously all together, this lag would also initiate when I would type, and all the words would appear seconds later.

Aside from the lag, and this is just recent, whenever I tried opening up Facetime or Photobooth, my camera would fail to launch, as the green color on top of the macbook screen would initiate on/off. I tried resetting SMC, but unfortunately it hasn't solved anything.

The solutions I've tried to make is taking this to a 3rd party store to see what the issue is, and also, using an online service of troubleshooting this. Both confirmed to me that this is definitely a hardware issue, and not a software issue. Both have used all software diagnostics, and unfortunately nothing came up. Although, this weird issue came up as we tried reinstalling MacOS is that, my laptop wanted to downgrade from MacOS Sierra to Maverick. The 3rd party store suggested it is most likely an upper-case assembly issue, but I should have it send to an apple store as he doesn't have that in stock. The online service too suggested I should take it to an apple store. The problem is, I live in a college town and the nearest apple store is several hours away.

After calling ifixit, I was recommended by this awesome gentleman to make a post prior to ordering anything. He also suggested it might be an uppercase issue, but logic board, battery may be an issue as well.

My gratitude will forever be in your debt if you guys would care to help.

Thank you so much for your time.

(p.s: I should note, that after shutting down the computer while pressing D, my laptop informed me that no issue arises but the battery. Something to do with not being as optimal as it first was bought)

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Open up Activity Monitor and check the list of processes, is there a process called kernel_task taking up a lot of the memory? And, if you run Apple Hardware Test (hold down the "d" key during startup), does it return any errors? If so, you likely have a temperature sensor issue - depending on which temperature sensor is at fault, you will have to replace different components. Let me know what you find!


Was your laptop liquid damaged before? Did anyone of the people of earth who diagnosed it remove the bottom case and have a look?


Hi sam, not sure if this is weird, but at the activity monitor I haven't found any process called kernel_task. I manually searched and used the search bar for it.

For the Apple Hardware Test, the only thing it notified me is my battery not being as optimal as it first was. Thanks sam for your time =)


Hi rany, one of the people that looked have not notified me of suspected liquid damage, but suggested I should replace the upper case assembly. But he wasn't quite sure of it, and suggested I take it to apple.


Well you need to be sure about the history. If the top case is liquid damaged, or the board, a lot of issues can arise and you cannot repair the laptop without addressing and fixing the liquid damage on the board - if any, and replacing the keyboard if it is damaged. It seems the people who diagnosed it already are not experienced in Mac repair. This should be pretty easy to diagnose.