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Wont turn on after new battery and cleaning the motherboard

Hi, im looking for a solution for my gameboy Micro (now i have 2) ones works perfectly and the other one wont turn on at all, tried to use the same good battery i have (didn't work), when i plug in the gameboy to the wall charger the blue leds blinks once and thats all

tested the screen and speakers on my good gameboy and they work so the problem must be on the motherboard itself

any solution will be very appreciated

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You should get a Multimeter and check if the motherboard have been short-circuited, maybe you had some static electricity in you when you touched the Gameboy's motherboard which ruins a motherboard. I advise you to get a Multimeter and check the motherboard still gives the right positive and negative charges.

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Digital Multimeter



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Cesar Melendrez さん、ありがとうございました!

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